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Dunlop Sportmax Alpha-13 SP - available form Q1 2017 in additional sizes.
Sportmax Alpha-13 SP is an ultra-sport radial tire that incorporates the technologies developed for the Moto2 and Moto3 championships. 

The front wheel of the new Alpha 13 SP is characterized by its ultra-rigid and lightweight side structure, while the rear tire uses the construction technology for a HES-JLB seamless belt structure.

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Right now in the beautiful setting of the Principality of Monaco the International Press Launch of the new
Ducati Monster 1200 is taking place.

The powerful naked bike from the Borgo Panigale factory has been chosen to run as Original Equipment tyres the new Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO ™ III in
120/70 ZR17 (58W) DIABLO ROSSO III "D" front and
190/55 ZR17 (75W) DIABLO ROSSO III "D" sizes for both the basic Monster and the Monster S 

Riders of classic and lightweight motorcycles – this is the tyre for you!
A durable tyre offering cutting edge performance, without losing that traditional appearance.

The new ContiCity will appeal to inner-city riders and all-round commuters who want reliability, performance and style in a single package.

Front Tyres

70/90 -17 (38P)
2.50 -17 TT (43P)
2.75 -17 TT (47P)
3.00 -17 (70P)
80/90 -17 (50P)

Rear Tyres

80/100 -18 (47P)
2.75 -18 (48P)
90/90 -18 (57P)

The ContiLegend whitewall tyre is based on our popular Milestone, which will already be familiar to many custom and cruiser riders. The vintage tread pattern and whitewall design hide some of the very latest tyre technologies.

An improved version of MileagePlus delivers more miles and increased consistency throughout the life of the tyre, whereas the multi-groove tread pattern has been optimised to deliver excellent water drainage properties for improved performance in wet conditions.

A specially engineered carcass delivers supreme comfort and superb handling even on the heaviest of machines.

ContiTour is the brand new tyre for riders of big custom bikes, cruisers and choppers. Again, the tread pattern offers efficient drainage properties for excellent grip on wet roads.

On the rear tyre, a central band with no tread boosts mileage returns and limits tread movement for increased stability under acceleration.

A brand new compound formula has been designed and tested by our experienced team to deliver excellent mileage and consistent performance throughout the life of the tyre.

First up CONTINENTAL MOTO has got a brand new, premium quality sport touring tyre coming next year!

Deriving it’s tread pattern from the test-topping ContiSportAttack 3, this new all-rounder boasts big improvements in wet grip which take it to the top of the sport touring market.

Combined with our unique Rain Grip compound, the new RoadAttack 3 tread pattern works to shift more water from around the contact patch at all angles of lean for safer, more secure riding in all weather conditions.

We’ve also introduced our new Easy Handling Technology, which gives much more linear and neutral handling properties in a range of conditions to improve line holding.

Other core Continental technologies include the revolutionary Traction Skin whch almost eliminates the need for scrubbing in, along with MultiGrip and a patented Zero Degree Belt.

DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER, on the other hand, is inspired by the DIABLO™ family DNA, specifically the DIABLO ROSSO™ line which represents the Pirelli supersport tyre range. This tyre also takes its tread pattern from another pillar in the Pirelli range, the DIABLO ROSSO™ III which made its début this year, immediately gaining popularity among bikers all over the world.

Just as DIABLO ROSSO™ III redefined the concept of sport riding in the motorcycle world, taking it to a new level, DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER represents the new frontier for high performance scooters thanks to grip, unprecedented handling and consistent performance, characteristics to make the daily ride more pleasant and satisfying, regardless of the environment.

Pirelli is pleased to present the new 2017 Scooter Range which from January, will introduce two new products onto the market, ANGEL™ SCOOTER and DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER. These will be available with a complete range of sizes, and will progressively replace and expand the current DIABLO™ SCOOTER model during the course of next year.

ANGEL™ SCOOTER and DIABLO ROSSO™ SCOOTER represent the direct movement of two historic Pirelli tyre families into the world of scooters. ANGEL™ and DIABLO™ families, from which they maintain the typical characteristics and distinctive traits, for users with varying needs and on different types of scooters. 

Bridgestone has completed the roll-out of its new-generation MX line-up with the launch of Battlecross X10 for sand terrain. With an advanced new tread design and increased block deformation, X10 promises riders stronger traction, better self-cleaning and higher sideslip control in all types of sandy conditions.
The new tyre was developed and tested by top riders on the MX competition circuit. By deploying the new design in its mainstream Battlecross range, Bridgestone now makes higher performance on sandy tracks attainable for all riders, from national champions to intermediates and beginners.
More deformation, more traction.

Visible as a global ‘sneak peek’ at the Ducati stand at INTERMOT, (4 to 9 October 2016 in Cologne), the latest product from the "long P" brand is chosen by the manufacturer from Borgo Panigale as original equipment on a new model in the Ducati Scrambler range

Pirelli is pleased to present SCORPION™ RALLY STR, the new on/off enduro tyre designed specifically for the latest generation of adventure, dual purpose and enduro street bikes. SCORPION™ RALLY STR is a revolution in the tyre segment because it manages to combine the best performance of a rally competition tyre with that of an enduro street tyre.

SCORPION™ RALLY STR can be seen as a global sneak peek at the Ducati stand at INTERMOT, scheduled from 4 to 9 October, 2016 at Cologne, because the manufacturer from Borgo Panigale has chosen to use it as original equipment for a new model in the Ducati Scrambler range. The new model will utilise it in sizes 120/70 R19 M/C 60V M+S TL (front) and 170/60 R 17 M/C 72V M+S TL (rear).



Avon Tyres’ new Avon TrekRider tyre gives adventure riders the best of both worlds New TrekRider combines off-road ability with performance on the road

Avon Tyres has launched the new TrekRider motorcycle tyre combining superb off-road and on-road performance.
The TrekRider is Avon’s first adventure tyre that offers a 50/50 split of on road versus off-road performance. Designed for light to medium trails, the tyre works as well in mud and gravel as it does on asphalt.

This new tyre will make choosing tyres for an adventure bike much simpler. Often when selecting the best road bike tyre, performance can be limited when driving on mud, but with a full-on dirt tyre, a bike’s roadholding can be affected. Avon’s new TrekRider has been designed to cut out any of this compromise.

The TrekRider's pattern is all-new, with specially-designed tread blocks and channels that cut through mud, yet also stay stable on tarmac and concrete. A totally enhanced construction on the cross-ply and radial carcasses gives impressive high-speed stability for motorway work, yet retains the compliance found on a dedicated dirt bike tyre. Finally, a specially-chosen compound mix optimises grip on both wet and dry roads, while boosting traction in the dirt.

New Battlecruise H50: for American V-Twins

First up and making its world debut is the new Battlecruise H50 custom tyre – specially developed to give you maximum pleasure on your American V-Twin. Bridgestone deployed its top two-wheel tyre technologies to develop H50, targeting easy handling, top grip on wet and dry, and long wear life.

The Battlecruise H50s on display at Intermot are fitted on a Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight customised by Thunderbike – one of the kings of the custom business in Europe.

Win a Harley-Davidson with Battlecruise H50 tyres!

The Harley-Davidson on display with its Battlecruise H50 tyres is also on raffle! Visitors to the Bridgestone stand have the chance to ride the €15K bike away. Just enter the H50 contest, find the 6-digit code and you could be the first biker to take these Battlecruise H50 tyres onto the open road.



DUNLOP D-606  the 10% road  90% off-road enduro tyre.  

Key Features

  • Dunlop’s D606 is a tough trail tyre with real off-roading capabilities
  • Recommended for long distance adventure riders, covering large distances off-road
  • High sea/land ratio and high tread blocks allow for serious riding on a variety of terrains
  • Specially developed compound for durability, safety and predictability

New two-stroke and four-stroke models of the Swedish-founded brand will exclusively use METZELER tyres as Original Equipment (90/90 – 21 M/C 54M M+S front and 120/90 – 18 M/C 65M M+S and 140/80 – 18 M/C 70M M+S rear)

METZELER MCE 6 DAYS EXTREME, the tyres which are protagonists of the FIM Enduro World Championship, were chosen by Husqvarna Motorcycles as Original Equipment tyres of the 2017 Enduro range which was presented these days in Huskvarna, Sweden, the country where this historic brand was founded in 1903.

The choice of Husqvarna Motorcycles involves the use of tyres with 90/90 –21 (54M) M+S for the front, while for the rear there are two different options: 120/90 –18 (65M) M+S for TE 125 two-stroke model and 140/80 –18 (70M) M+S suitable for two-stroke TE 250 and TE 300 models, FE 250, FE 350, FE 450 and FE 501 four-stroke models.

Einige Motorradreifen Neuerscheinungen veranlassen   Motorrad diese zu testen und mit den Klassenbesten des letzten Reifentest zu vergleichen. Auf der Honda CB 1000 R naket bike müssen die Reifen in Südfrankreich zeigen was sie können. Um unverrfälschte Daten zu liefern wurde die Honda mit 2D-Datarecording ausgestattet.
Reifengröße 120/70 ZR17 und 180/55 ZR17  Bisher dominierte der Continental RoadAttack 2 Evo bei sportlicher Landstraßenhatz und der Michelin Road 4 bei Nässe der 2014 sogar den Testsieg einheimste.

In the magazin "MOTORRAD"   nr 12, the latest sports motorcycle tire test has been released. The 6 current tires from Bridgestone, Continental Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli were tested on a Yamaha R1 in size
120/70 ZR17 and 190/55 ZR17 A sports rider must buy new tires at least once or twice a year, as the wear on the PS Monsters is significantly higher. The tests were carried out at the Goodyear Dunlop test site in Mireval, France. As can be simulated on evenly irrigated passages, rain trips.

In der MOTORRAD  nr 12 ist der aktuellen Sport Motorradreifen Test erschienen. Getestet wurden die 6 aktuellen Reifen von Bridgestone, Continental Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin und Pirelli auf einer Yamaha R1 in der Größe
120/70 ZR17 und 190/55 ZR17  Ein Sportfahrer muss minestens ein bis zwei mal im Jahr neue Reifen kaufen, da der Verschleiß bei den PS Boliden wesentlich höher ist. Getestet wurde  auf dem Goodyear-Dunlop Testgelände im südfranzösischen Mireval. Da lassen sich auf gleichmäßig bewässerten Passagen, Regenfahrten simulieren.



METZELER SPORTEC M7 RR elected by German magazine Motorrad as the best supersport tyre for the second time.

Created in 2014 from the experience in road racing activities and already the winner of the comparative organized that same year by the renowned German magazine, SPORTEC™ M7 RR is confirmed again as the number one tyre in its segment

SPORTECTM M7 RR, the tyre created from the experience of METZELER in road racing activities, won the 2016 supersport tyre comparative test organized by the German magazine Motorrad. The magazine tested the tyres of the SPORTECTM family, comparing them with Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO™ III, Continental Sport Attack 3, Bridgestone Battlax S21, Michelin Pilot Power 3 and Dunlop SportSmart2.



Gerade Fahrer von Touring-Bikes und Cruisern wünschen sich einen Reifen, der durch eine überragende Laufleistung glänzt und dabei weder erstklassigen Nassgrip noch leichtes Handling missen lässt. Dem trägt Dunlop mit dem neuen Dunlop Elite 4 Rechnung.

Der Hinterradreifen zeichnet sich durch eine in dieser Reifenklasse durchaus nicht alltägliche MultiTread-Technologie mit einer widerstandsfähigeren Gummimischung in der Laufflächenmitte und einer weicheren zu den Schultern hin aus. Dadurch erhöht sich einerseits die Laufleistung des Reifens, andererseits verbessert sich der Kurvengrip bei gleichzeitig deutlich leichterem Handling. So gewinnen selbst schwere Tourer merklich an Agilität.